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Hugh Masekela, the great jazz trumpeter, wrote “Bring Him Back Home” in 1987 after receiving a letter of encouragement from Nelson (written while he was still in prison). It hit #1 and became an anthem for the movement to free Mr. Mandela. It would take another 5 years for Nelson to be freed:
Bring back Nelson Mandela
Bring him back to Soweto
When?! Tomorrow!

The whole South African nation – and the world – would begin to sing it whenever the stage would allow including at major festivals held all over the world.

Since 1954, Masekela has played music that closely reflects his life experience. The agony, conflict, and exploitation South Africa faced during 1950s and 1960s: This inspired, influenced him to make music and also spread political change. He was an artist who in his music vividly portrayed the struggles and sorrows, as well as the joys and passions of his country. His music protested about apartheid, slavery, government; the hardships individuals were living. Masekela reached a large population of people that also felt oppressed due to the country situation.

[Some info taken from www.wikipedia.com/hughmasekela]

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