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Somehow COMBO got on Music Books Plus’s mailing list. Most of the time I ignore their “ads” but this one caught my eye since it dealt with books featuring Women in the business of music. In particular, “Women in the Studio – Creativity, Control and Gender in Popular Music Sound Production” might be a book that Colorado’s Soundgirls would really like to have (Anna Frick, Lanae Rome, and Angie Dickenson-Mickle – are you listening?) Http://

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The Women of R&B
Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook 37 songs from the top women in R&B, including: Baby Love, Dancing in the Street, I Say a Little Prayer, I’m So Excited, Lady Marmalade, Midnight Train to Georgia, (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman, Private Dancer, Respect, Stop! in the Name of Love, and more. ©2005, 192 pages.

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The Women of Western Music: Hildegard to Ella
Anna Wentlent

Balance your music history curriculum with this indispensable classroom resource! This long-awaited manual focuses exclusively on the female artists who haven’t made it into most textbooks. Biographies, student assessments, and recordings are included for 18 important women who enriched the world with their incredible talents, such as Clara Schumann, Amy Beach, Marian Anderson, Ethel Merman, and Billie Holiday.

Recommended for grades five and up. Version: 100% Reproducible Book & Enhanced CD

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Women in the Studio – Creativity, Control and Gender in Popular Music Sound Production, 1st Edition
Paula Wolfe
$149.95 – Format: Hardcover

The field of popular music production is overwhelmingly male dominated. Here, Paula Wolfe discusses gendered notions of creativity and examines the significant under-representation of women in studio production. Wolfe brings an invaluable perspective as both a working artist-producer and as a scholar, thereby offering a new body of research based on interviews and first-hand observation. Wolfe demonstrates that patriarchal frameworks continue to form the backbone of the music industry establishment but that women’s work in the creation and control of sound presents a potent challenge to gender stereotyping, marginalization and containment of women’s achievements that is still in evidence in music marketing practices and media representation in the digital era. ©2019, 224 pages

1.The Music Industry and Gender
2. Music Production and Gender
3. Self-production, Music technology and Gender
4.New Industry and Gender
5. Media Representation and Gender

“A fascinating and timely book that explores the role of female producers in the music industry – both as DIY artists and in commercial studios. Wolfe reveals through in-depth interviews and analysis that female producers are a growing community, but they are still under-represented in the media, and marginalised by a music press that ignores their work amid a gendered discourse appealing to a male audience. An artist-producer herself, Wolfe presents a crucial insider view.
~ Lucy O’Brien, author of She Bop: The definitive history of women in popular music (2013)

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The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Fifth Edition
Bobby Owsinski

“Possibly The Greatest Book On Mixing Ever Written…”

For 20 years, the Mixing Engineer’s Handbook has been the go-to resource to learn:

● The Evolution of Mixing (where all of these techniques and the lingo originated)
● Different Mixing styles to try.. so you can discover and develop your own!
● The 12 big differences in mixing live and in the studio
● Monitor selection and placement so you can hear your mix the right way.
● Setting up a listening space for a reflection-free zone, and overcoming acoustical issues you may run into.
● 3 steps to adding subwoofers
● How to mix on headphones (because sometimes you don’t have the luxury of monitors and a good listening space)
● Listening techniques so you know what you hear is what your mix sounds like.

That’s just scratching the surface of what this handbook has to offer.

Bobby Owsinski’s expertise touches on almost everything else mixing-related, with insightful quotes from legends in the industry sprinkled throughout.

The 5th Edition Mixing Engineer’s Handbook goes even further in-depth with topics like:

● Mix preparation so you can have a more comfortable mixing session with fewer mistakes and hassles.
● Session Prep Checklist
● Mixing Mechanics that are vital to finding the sound you are looking for.
● Level Metering – The types of metering and when and how to use them.
● Gain Staging
● The 6 components of a mix
● Mix Balance – How to build and arrange your mix, and tools for a good balance.
● Mixing in Stereo
● Mixing for Immersive Audio (Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos)
● Dynamic Elements – Compression, Limiting, Gating, De-essing, Transient Shapers, and Clippers
● An even deeper dive into compression
● Equalization – Types of EQ and EQ Methods
● 6 trouble frequencies to look out for so you can clean up your mix.
● Dimensional Elements – Delay, Reverb, Modulation, and Layering these effects.
● 6 Principles of adding effects.
● Advanced Techniques for the streaming age
● How to master your mix
● A huge mixing glossary

…and exclusive interviews from 31 legendary mixers representing all genres of music! ©2022, 398 pages

Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781946837134

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