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David Booker: I love documentaries especially musical ones . This one, and the Charles Lloyd ‘Arrows Into Infinity’ are the BEST ones iv’e seen in a long time, Rumble especially .SO interesting,and well produced .Both are essential viewing IMHO .

John Bundy: Link Wray, yes?

DB: The first segment is on Link , the rest of the movie covers Jesse Ed Davis , David Trudell, Buffy St Marie , Redbone, Robbie Robertson, and others, its a long movie .

Baggs Patrick: Will check this one out. Recently saw the Amy Winehouse documentary simply titled Amy. Very good. But the best I think I’ve ever seen is that searching for sugar man. Just blew my mind.

JB: Yeah Baggs..I love the Sugar Man movie. Blakeslee had seen him play in Detroit many times and turned me on to the movie. Truly amazing, especially the lack of bitterness on his part and his legions of unbeknownst admirers.

[Editor’s note: Bohemian Rhapsody, the musical documentary on Queen, has been nominated for several Academy Awards.]

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