Photo: Metallica | By Chris Willman, Variety | No puppet strings were necessary to send Metallica fans — and newbies — to their favorite streaming destinations to hear more of “Master of Puppets,” following the song’s use for a climactic moment in the season finale of “Stranger Things.”

In the week since the episode premiered, on-demand streams for the 1986 metal classic were up 650.3%, according to Luminate, which collates data for the Billboard charts.

That’s comparing the six-day period of July 1-6 with the comparable six-day frame from the week before. The “Stranger Things” capper premiered on Netflix in the early hours of July 1.

In the previous week’s first six days, “Master of Puppets” had collected 1,020,333 on-demand audio and video streams. In the first six days the show was available for streaming, that number grew to 7,655,536.

The percentage increase was even greater for digital track sales, although those are a minimal force in the music industry these days, with a 999% increase during the same time period.

Interest in the song seems to be growing, rather than having peaked immediately, as daily numbers show the streaming activity having steadily increased every day from Friday, the day the episode premiered, through Wednesday, the last day that data from Luminate was available.
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