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By Kieran Press-Reynolds | The rock band Metallica is warning its fans to watch out for cryptocurrency scams after a spate of scams was reported across the fandom. In one case, a Kansas man filed a police report in early December claiming a Metallica channel scammed him into sending over $25,000 in bitcoin to a random account, according to the local CBS-affiliate station WIBW-TV.

The recent rise in Metallica crypto scams led the heavy metal band to post a statement on its official Instagram Tuesday warning about “fake YouTube channels” claiming to “offer Metallica Crypto giveaways” in relation to the group’s upcoming album, “72 Seasons,” and tour.

“Let’s be as clear as possible. These are scams,” the group wrote in the post, which has amassed over 140,000 likes. “They’re being streamed on fake YouTube channels posing to be ours and all pointing to websites that we do not run.”

The alleged $25,500 scam in Manhattan, Kansas, is so far the only reported incident of a hoax Metallica page successfully defrauding someone. The victim was 51, and police in Riley County filed a report for theft by deception, according to WIBV-TV. The Riley County police department did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Insider was unable to find any fake Metallica YouTube channels or livestreams on Wednesday morning, although there were several videos alerting people to the scams and the group’s statement.
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