By Stephen Hill, Yahoo | It’s worth taking a moment to compose yourself before listening to 72 Seasons, the new album from the biggest metal band of all time, so you won’t fall prey to a knee-jerk reaction. Hardcore Metallica fans have long wanted to hear a return to the fire of those hallowed first four records, and to shout their excitement from the rooftops. Instead, their disappointment has led to some unfair criticisms of the band, especially about their post-St. Anger material.

Yes, Metallica have had serious wobbles, such as the critical mauling of 2011’s Lulu. They’ve also given us moments of pure class, like Moth Into Flame from 2016’s Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, which is now worthy of classic ‘Tallica status. But for most of this millennium, they’ve simply been an agreeably solid metal band – which is broadly how they come across on 72 Seasons. Even having to listen from the comfort of a record company office, it’s clear that it would be far more unsatisfactory were it not for James Hetfield, the undoubted man of the match here. He’s always provided the emotional pull for Metallica, but rarely, if ever, has he laid himself as bare as he does here.

The album’s title refers to the first 18 years of a person’s life, and James has dug deeper into his early trauma on this record than ever before. ‘Lost his way through wicked streets, but he is someone’s little boy, all the love a young one needs, thoughtless elders have destroyed’, he sings on Chasing Light. It’s genuinely moving to hear him confront and wrestle with this period of his life with such candour.
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72 Seasons is out April 14 via Blackened. Read a special interview with Metallica in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, out now.
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Metallica 72 Seasons review: 2023’s most anticipated metal album is a ringing success

By Dave Everley, Louder

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Metallica Announce Jimmy Kimmel Live! Residency

By Carys Anderson, Consequence

Metallica have set a week-long residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The band will perform live on the show from Monday, April 10th through Thursday, April 13th, sit down for a chat with Kimmel on one episode, and partake in “whatever other fun Jimmy has in store for us,” as they said in a statement.

The residency coincides with the release of the band’s new album 72 Seasons. Out April 14th, the record is already poised to become one of Metallica’s best releases in a while thanks to Song of the Week “72 Seasons” and Heavy Song of the Week “If Darkness Had a Son.” Metallica are even the stars of Consequence’s latest cover story, which you can check out here.
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