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Rhythms of Havana: Fiesta del Tambor’s Annual Percussion Celebration Awaits. Dive deep into the soulful rhythms of Cuba at the annual Fiesta del Tambor, the island’s premier percussion festival. Witness a confluence of masterful drummers, percussionists, and musicians from Cuba and beyond, all converging in a melodic celebration.

Why Join Our Musical Tour?
● Expert-Led Experience: Tours guided by professional musicians, renowned drummers, and passionate musicologists.
● All-Access: Enjoy full access to scheduled festival events.
● Interactive Workshops: Participate in engaging drumming clinics and hands-on workshops.
● Authentic Stay: Experience local hospitality with stays in a Casa Particular or the Grand Aston Hotel.
● Savor Cuba: Begin each day with a fresh Cuban breakfast and relish local delicacies.
● More Than Just Music: Discover Cuba’s rich tapestry with infused cultural day tours.
● Music All Around: From sunrise to sunset, be engrossed in the enchanting world of Cuban music and drumming.

Perfect for Everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned drummer, an aspiring musician, or just someone who loves to dance to the beat, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored for you.

Previous editions of Fiesta del Tambor have proudly featured world-renowned artists like Ruy López-Nussa, Horacio Hernández, Dennis Chambers, and many more!


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