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The SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest team would love to have you join us on Saturday, Nov. 5th at the Buell Public Media Center in downtown Denver for a fun hang of jazz music activities. Workshops include:

● Vocal Warm-ups with Julie Monley
● Improvising with Looping by Tom Weiser
● Crafting Your Pre-performance Routine by Amy Biondo
● Squeeblin’ Jazz for Kids with the Squeeblin’ Jazz Band
● Communicating with the Tech at Sound Check by Kevin Lee
● Vocal Health & Longevity by Katie Emerich
● Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm! by Greg Tanner Harris
● Get Comfortable Participating in Jam Sessions by Jeff Jenkins
● Master Class ” Vocalnomics” by NY vocalist, Miles Griffith

Don’t sing?
Don’t have an interest in vocal jazz?
Don’t really understand what SongBird is all about?
Feel you are already a pro and would not benefit from attending the day of workshops and performances?

Here are some quick answers……….

● SongBird is more than singing. If you like to hum along to music but have no aspirations of singing in public — This is a great way to learn some new things that will add to your appreciation of vocal jazz. No one who attends SongBird Fest is pressured to sing in front of others. We respect everyone’s comfort level.

● Are you a music educator or musician that works with singers? Having an understanding of the voice as an instrument is a great tool in collaboration of presenting or writing music. Most educators and songwriters use singing in their teaching and creating.

● SongBird is a day-long educational, performance, networking event that welcomes ALL levels of musicians. We focus on performance, improvisation, and strive to inspire each participant to discover their own special artistry in a nurturing community of like-minded individuals.

● SongBird welcomes all experience levels of musicians. We never stop learning! There is a conversation that naturally occurs where pros share experiences on their journey to performing and become natural mentors to those just starting their exploration of jazz performance.

Please register at http://www.songbirdjazzfest.com soon as we have a limited number of spaces at the workshops and please share this email with anyone you think might be interested.

REMINDER!! Our featured vocalist, Miles Griffith will present a concert on Fri., Nov. 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the beautiful Masterpiece Performance Studio at the Buell Media Center. Tickets sold separately at http://www.songbirdjazzfest.com

Musically Yours! ~ The SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest Team

Terri Jo Jenkins
Sat, Oct 22 at 1:48 PM

Photo: Songbird poster

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