From COMBO member Ben Makinen: Thank you London Director Awards! Who Killed Jazz made the cut in this year’s festival: 151 out of 1700 movies were chosen to compete: winners announced at end of month.

I’m busting out a tall glass of Chlorophyll Water!


I am dedicating this one to Mitch Chmara

Mitch is one of the most phenomenal electric guitarists living on earth today, and Denver is his home.

Mitch contributed such humble and humorous genius both in the feature length JazzTown and in this short Who Killed Jazz.

We spent 2 days together in his home laughing and crying about family, friends and music, and all the while he held his guitar and would burst into song, or underscore a point he was making with some tasty melodic twists and turns through the universe of vibrational harmony.

Thank you, Mitch, for your contribution and continued friendship! I encourage all musicians to check out his musical expressions here on fb and to buy his extraordinary music book: Experiential Contrary Motion For Guitar

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Lynn Skinner: The continuing prismatic arc of your story keeps shining in my heart. I cannot wait to see your film and celebrate some of our wonderful brothers and sisters in the Denver/Boulder music community through your art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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