Kudos to the Mary Louise Band and Marty Jones & The Great Unknowns. They were the two local bands that played on January 13th in the inaugural celebrations for Governor Hickenlooper at the Fillmore dinner before the Ogden show.

Mary Louise Lee Band (led by Mayor Hancock’s wife) played first, then Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns played. Marty says it was “Very exciting for us.”

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CONGRATULATION TO CODY QUALLS (Posted to Facebook on 01/13/15)

TRACK OF THE YEAR??!!! Are you kidding me?!! Ok, I just got done running around my house, seriously! I just found out that a song I wrote and co-produced “How Was the Show Last Night” was named a “Track of the Year ” by the Recorded A cappella Review Board. Their review/quote: “The song has the kind of pure honesty and melodic ease of a truly timeless classic, and that may be the rarest gem of all.” FLOORED! … What a day! …I am in tears….. Huge shout out to Ryan Driver and Tony Huerta for engineering, Stephen Ross for arranging and all my brothers in Face! — feeling ecstatic.

AWESOME!… DJ Alf from 93.3 FM KTCL just invited a few of us in Face to join members of some of the nation’s hottest Denver-based acts (including members of the Flobots and The Epilogues) to perform for a special evening of music this Saturday in Denver! We are a little blown back to be invited to the stage with such an amazing line up! CRA-ZY! We are going to be debuting a new Face original, layered over the smooth grooves of an old-school Commodores instrumental! SO FUN! — feeling blessed.

Face is a nationally recognized vocal rock band based out of Boulder, Colorado, bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using just five singers and a vocal drummer, Face creates a rock-music phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. No instruments and no special effects -– just six guys: Ryan Driver, Mark Megibow, Forest Kelly, Stephen Ross, Ben Lunstad, and Cody Qualls.

Cody Qualls has recently stepped back onto the stage with Face after a five year hiatus to explore other personal and professional avenues.  Since his original departure with Face in 2007, he has been teaching private voice, acting, and songwriting as the director of the Whole Body Singing Studio.  In addition, he has started a family with his beautiful wife, Marlana.  Cody has been studying voice and performing professionally for two decades.  As one of Face’s primary lyricist and composers, his intention is to create songs that can help ignite a spark of inspiration, health and common ground.  “My deepest desire is to write and sing from a place of substance and purpose.  The opportunity to sing with Face again provides a space to nourish that desire.  These men are truly remarkable musicians and human beings.  The deep connection to each other is the foundation of the band and music.  Really, what else is there?”

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