Kenny Loggins (from his Facebook page) By Lee Cowan, CBS News – Sunday Morning | Backstage before a concert in Cincinnati recently, Kenny Loggins was fine tuning just about everything. Correspondent Lee Cowan asked the two-time Grammy-winner, “Do you like touring, after all these years?”

“Well, yes and no,” Loggins replied. “It’s like making love, right? If you get a good response, you’re better.”

At 74 Loggins himself has come of age nicely. His voice sounds as youthful as his songs, which have a habit of making us feel pretty young, too. Chances are you know the words to most, if not all, of them; they are a part of pop culture, which is why, more often than not, a Kenny Loggins concert turns into one big sing-along.

Loggins said, “I learned early on that songs that were very personal to me, and that’s anything where I could write where it would really touch my heart or hit that place of vulnerability, would then be more accessible to an audience.”

“‘Cause if it mattered to you, it would matter to a listener?” asked Cowan.

“Exactly. Vulnerability is what I do for a living.”

Loggins came to fame as the other half of Loggins and Messina. Musically, he and Jim Messina seemed made for each other.
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