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Photo: Trenton Lee at the sound board | We were recently contacted by Ken Dravis, a former Colorado resident and recording studio owner, to let us know about his newest promotion effort, the Songwriters Radio Network. There is a fee attached but we took some time to listen to a few of the artists and the music was pretty darn good. Hopefully it catches on! Please note that this station offers Country Music by unsigned artists only.

Here’s a little of the copy from the SRN website:

Music Is A Business
A Record Company, Publisher and an artist begin with a great song, an arrangement, a group of A-class musicians, and a recording studio. But they don’t stop there. What do all major labels do next? Promotion.

Without promotion, there wouldn’t be major artists.
After a record company invests in an artist, do you think they make a few CDs, go to Amazon and Spotify to promote Dolly or Vince? Of course not. (But that’s pretty much what we have all done, isn’t it?)

Promoting Your Music Is Important Business
Haven’t we all spent money on instruments, recording studios or thousands on recording gear, artwork, maybe duplication too, but hardly a dime on promotion?

If your songs are good, people will listen…but they need to find you.
Songwriter’s Radio Network will introduce you to a whole new audience far beyond your own town and state…and even your own country. We’re all about your promotion and getting your songs in front of listeners. We are a grassroots network of unsigned artists, ready to be heard.

Let us build a custom Artist Showcase for you.

• Showcase your best two songs
• 10 minutes daily promotion
• International DJs
• About $1 per day
• Worldwide Exposure

Listen now! https://www.SongwritersRadioNetwork.com

Songwriter’s Radio Network
PO Box 654
Weston, WV USA 26452

Photo: Trenton Lee

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