. . . Jack Robbins, an 8 year old with Nonverbal Autism, delighted his mom by singing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. According to his mother, Carla, his communication is limited, and he doesn’t usually indicate what he likes or put words together spontaneously. But recently, something remarkable happened: What Carla thought was just Jack making a random sound was actually singing – he had taken a shine to the Katy Perry song “Roar.” Carla grabbed a camera and recorded his rendition, cheering him on. She wrote in the description of the video she uploaded to YouTube, “He never says a word he is not told to say and he spontaneously sang this song, over and over because, well, obviously he likes it! Which is a miracle and so cool that he had a preference for music, an artist, a song AND he’s singing it!” Jack is a hit on YouTube, where some commenters are offering words of encouragement. People are calling the video “inspirational” and writing things like “Very cool! Go Jack!” Carla and her son also appeared on Dallas’s WFAA-TV Tuesday morning, where she spoke about the experience of seeing her son in this surprising moment of musical inspiration. | By Henry Baker


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