Although a couple of days late, we’d like to honor the ladies of COMBO’s board for International Women’s Day! Dr. Annette Cannon serves as our Vice-President and Ombudsman – she’s perfect for this job as she has mad skills in working conflicts out. Tracey Chirhardt tends to our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and recently took on the job of getting our Spotlight on Featured Members articles back on track. Both will be working our booth at the Guitar Show on March 20th so stop by and meet them.

Also, we’d like to thank former board member Sheena Morgan for setting up so many charts for us as well as putting into place marketing plans and the Program Committee. Angela Whaley, who runs the Musicians Mental Wellness Network, serves as a consultant and back-up board member. Thank you all for your help! It is truly appreciated. Please note: Our “picture frame” bios were created by our intern Shanica Jules. Thank you, Shanica, for your dedication!

Please see our website for all of our board members’ bios – including the men who have volunteered their time and talents to help all of our Colorado Musicians out!


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