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Denver, CO – Innervision FM, the pioneering platform amplifying the voices of disabled musical artists and podcasters, is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for listeners and creatives alike.

Call for Podcast Guests:

Innervision FM invites individuals with innovative ideas for podcast shows to join us on our journey to empower and enlighten audiences worldwide. With broadcasts airing three days a week across ten platforms, this is your chance to share your vision and captivate our diverse audience. Whether you’re passionate about music, disability advocacy, or any other compelling topic, we want to hear from you!

To pitch your show concept or learn more about this opportunity, please contact us at info@innervisionfm.com.

For more information about Innervision FM, upcoming events, and our mission to empower disabled artists, visit https://www.innervisionrecords.org.

Join us as we celebrate the power of music and inclusivity!

Contact: Innervision FM info@innervisionfm.com | https://www.innervisionrecords.org

About Innervision FM:
Innervision FM is a trailblazing platform dedicated to promoting the talents of disabled musical artists and podcasters. Through our engaging broadcasts and live events, we aim to foster inclusivity and empower individuals to share their unique voices with the world.

Johnnie Johnson
President of Innervision
Station Manager of Innervision FM, teaching the business of music and radio broadcasting for the blind community and beyond
C) 720-255-8871

Photo: Johnnie Johnson

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