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You wanted to read an article that we posted but just couldn’t do it right then? Look for it below, copy and paste the URL in your browser to bring it up in its full original glory including videos and photos!
● Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK – Learn the signs of someone who may be contemplating suicide.

● Revealing the 2022 IFMAs Nominees + Recipients | http://www.yamahaguitardevelopment.com

● An Old Music Industry Scheme, Revived for the Spotify Era

● The 2022 Colorado Blues Society Board of Directors Election is Over! | http://www.coblues.org

● Op-Ed: Spotify’s New ‘Discovery Mode’ Is Just Payola

● Denver Open Media Sends Updates | http://openmediafoundation.org/about/intern

● NYC Venue Hosting Attempted Reagan Assassin: ‘Hinckley didn’t f— up’ as many lives as Reagan admin’

● Business Email Compromise: A Cyber Attack. Do you know who you are really talking to?

● Colorado Resident William Dale Fries, Jr., also known as C. W. McCall – “Convoy” – Passes

● Film at 11: How a Minnesota Station Found Old Footage of a Very Young Prince

● Larry Holley, Musician and Brother of Buddy Holly, Passes
[From the Buddy Holly Facebook page]

● Ex-Littleton Resident Riker Lynch Appears on America’s Song Contest

● Rekha Ohal to Offer “May Be A Nightclub Singer” Lessons Starting May 10th

● John Macy Moving His Studio to Rockport, Texas | https://www.facebook.com/john.macy.12

● Charlie Burrell’s Former Home Should be a Historical Site
Karen Derrick-Davis on NextDoor.com

● Organist Al “Hammond” Moore Passes

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