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● Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK – September is Suicide Awareness Month

● Announcing! The Winners of COMBO’s 8th Annual Songwriting Contest! (Again…)

● Next COMBO Meeting: Monday, October 25, 6:50 PM – via Zoom

● One Year Anniversary of the Loss of Daniel Magoun // Other Notable Musicians Deaths

● The MLC Presents Junior Music Rights Week – October 11th – 15th

● Colorado’s Grammy Winning Songwriter Ryan Tedder Offering Songwriting Course

● Buffalo Rose Looking for Sound Engineer(s)
marco@buffalorose.net | https://www.facebook.com/motherlode.denver

● Chris Sheehan Looking for Someone To Write Chord Charts – Paying Gig!
You can contact Chris at cshiek@aol.com if you are interested in helping him out.

● 20 Denver-Area Halloween Things To Do For Spooky Season

● The MLC Distributes Royalty Payments – Did You Get Yours? Http://theMLC.com

● Meet the Emerging Musicians Defining Denver’s Sound

● CARES Act Funding Available to Denver Event Workers Deadline Quickly Approaching

● Cops Working Undercover and Off-Duty Blew the Whistle on Beta

● Announcing Colorado Blues Society Winners of the 2021Colorado Blues Challenge!

● Trump Still Has To Face The Music On ‘Electric Avenue’ Copyright Lawsuit

● Charlie Burrell Celebrates His 101st Birthday
https://denverite.com/2021/10/02/charlie-burrell-turns-101-doesnt-much-like-your-whippersnapper-music/ | http://cmhof.org

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