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Thanks to Channel 9 Denver for passing on the info on this super neat program! Hearts for Music is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization created to provide opportunities and avenues for individuals with special needs wanting to pursue their love for creating and performing music in a
professional ensemble setting. At the core of Hearts for Music is an orchestra made up of 20 to 25 children and/or young adults with a variety of special needs such as Down’s or autism. By manipulating and playing a combination of acoustic instruments, digital instruments, and adaptive instruments, the Hearts for Music Special Needs Orchestra will tackle a broad range of musical works ranging from classical symphonies to modern pop and rock. Download our brochure for complete details or call us at 330-298-5549 or toll free at 1-888-687-4218.

While this show deals with the orchestra in Ohio, Kitrael would LOVE to start a chapter in Colorado. Please contact her if you would be interested. The following info is from the Ohio group:

Who Can Participate?
Our Special Needs Orchestra is open to ALL individuals with special needs. While our youngest are 6-8 years of age, and the oldest is in her 60s, there is no age limitation. Our members have diagnoses ranging from Autism to Down Syndrome to chromosomal abnormalities such as Turner’s Syndrome. We also do welcome children and teens without special needs to participate so that they learn how to be caring and compassionate towards others with special needs.

Are There Fees?
$20 per child per session. Money from fees and donations are the lifeblood of our beloved orchestra. We never want fees to be problematic and will assist exploring a variety of funding avenues such as local county programs and the [Ohio] Autism/Jon Peterson Scholarship. Pay fees or donate now.

No Experience Necessary!
While an understanding of music is helpful, it is unnecessary for participation. If your child or loved one desires additional music training, we can offer recommendations. Just come with a love and heart for music!!!

Please call us at 330-298-5549 or email: kitrael@heartsformusic.org. Those two contacts definitely work!

Kitrael Chin

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