Haylar Garcia found more missing Masters (including his own) at the flea market.  He posted this on Facebook:

Have you ever had one of those days that is riddled with fate so strangely that it confirms the suspicion of forces at work in the universe? Today was one of those days for me… Let me explain.

So this morning we go to the flea market with my parents on a whim, thinking it might just be the last chance to get in a good shop there before the weather fouls us from the activity until spring. As we walk the junk isles, we come upon a table full of battered headphones and some semi-pro recording studio gear. I pass over a cardboard box, where I pick up a nostalgic chuckle when I spot what appear to be new old stock boxes of DAT tapes which we all used to use for our final mixes back in the day.

Then Darcy Grabowski finds a crumpled bumper sticker half adhered to a dusty tapestry which reads “Time Capsule Recording”… Hmmm… I rescan the piles of junk lain here and realize now where all this has come from.

About two years ago, our friend Dave Herrera [Westword] helped us spearhead a rescue of the Time Capsule studio reel to reel collection, and we took EVERYTHING in that place in the rescue, so I am thinking… ‘Why does this man have things from Time Capsule?’

I ask him, where he got this load and he informs me that he bought out a foreclosed storage unit and suddenly I realize all of this was what the owner Jim Jackson of Time capsule must have taken and stored before he vacated the studio…

Then, I all but freaked… I worked my way back to the cartons of DAT tapes, and pulled one open to find that they were not NOS tapes at all… but rather all were neatly numbered and logged… OMG! These were the 2 track masters of EVERYTHING!

I eventually made a deal with him and purchased every DAT tape I could find. and here is the kicker –

Back in ‘92 I had done a solo project at Time Capsule, never released [it], and the copies I had went missing. For over two decades now, I have lamented the loss of that album… and in the previous Time Capsule music rescue, we saved many masters but mine were not among them.

After just in this last hour going through about 300 DAT tapes containing masters of every local band you’ve ever heard of…

I came across a box… and it in, I found safety copy #44.

What are the odds that all these planets have aligned today…?

… I am beside myself.

[Thanks to David Barber for passing this message along. If you want to contact Haylar to retrieve your tape(s), contact him at ]

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