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Photo: Kresten Wolff | Hello all, my name is Elyse and I am a registered nurse who works with Alicia Wolff. I am creating this gofundme on behalf of the Wolff family. Alicia is a registered nurse at North Suburban Medical Center. Elyse has set a $100,000 goal to help cover immediate expenses such as funeral costs, hospitalization costs, and family budget.

On February 5th, 2024 Alicia’s husband Kresten Wolff went to pick up their two children Ella (age 10) and Gabe (age 7) from school. On their way home, Kresten and the children were hit by a drunk driver, just a few miles from home. This drunk driver took the life of Kresten and has placed both of the children in the pediatric ICU here in Denver. This is a truly unfathomable tragedy. Kresten was a very talented musician who worked with the Denver ballet. [Their] two children love art and nature and just enjoy being children. This family has been completely shattered and will now face unimaginable hardship.

Alicia is now the sole provider for her family and is having to step away from work as a nurse to be with her children in the hospital and to grieve the loss of her husband.

If there is anyone who can donate to help alleviate the burden that this tragedy has inflicted, it would be greatly appreciated.

All donations will go directly to the Wolff family. We ask for prayers and privacy during this extremely difficult time.

[Editor’s note: While there may be some auto and personal insurance money coming, sometimes it takes as much as a year for the insurance companies to pay off. Cash is needed NOW for the above referenced expenses.]

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