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Photo: Matt Bergdorf (from his http://www.Luthiers.com page) | Denver Music Scene per John March on Fb, 1/06/22: Matt works at Woodsongs Guitar Repair as a luthier in Boulder, and he’s a great guy. He is always someone who will go out of his way to help musicians and now he needs our help. His house burned to the ground in the Louisville fires, and he has essentially lost all of his worldly possessions, his home and his instruments. It would be great if the music community were able to support him in someway. Thanks.

Gabriel Perry and Chris Filben are organizing this fundraiser: Hi, my name is Gabriel Perry and I’m fundraising for my dear friend, Matt Bergdorf of Boulder, Colorado. He lost his home in yesterday’s fire here in Boulder. This photo is where Matt lived. Although he did not own this house, this is where he lived for many years.

He’s lost everything.



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