Photo: Jerry Roys | From Jerry Roys on Facebook, 4/28/22: This is awkward for me. I have cancer. Yes, it sucks. Some good friends, actually great friends, have decided to hold a benefit for me. Which is also awkward for me because I hate being a bother. But I appreciate what they are doing.

The benefit will be on June 12th at the Venue Night Club, 1451 Cortez Street, or north on Hwy. 36 off Pecos Street. It goes from 1:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. There is some great entertainment lined up.

And this is the part that is really awkward for me: I’m not used to asking for help. We are collecting things to auction off for the benefit. If you have something to donate, it is appreciated. Anything of value. You can message me, or text me at 720-299-2697 and let me know.

OK, I know you’re curious. I need a liver transplant. I’m on the list. June 14th makes 35 years of sobriety. Shit happens. Thank you, love you all. Be kind and don’t forget to love someone. If anything, just show up to say ‘hi’. It would be good seeing you. Peace. ~ Jerry • • • • • • • • • •


I have had many friends donate to my benefit. The love I have received leaves me in awe. Thank you. One donation in particular brought tears. A dear friend called a couple of days ago and told me he had some things to donate. . . he is saying good bye to his daughter today. Here is a person who is having a funeral for his child and yet he had the time for me. It overwhelmed me.

When Bill Wright called me and said he wanted to have a benefit for me I was hesitant. Now I can’t thank him and those who have made it possible enough. It’s more about the love than anything else. Love is the great healer and I thank God I am surrounded by so much of it. As I say, “Love someone,” it’ll make your day. Now I have to get ready to go spend time with a great friend. Make it a good day.

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