When I became an Israeli citizen last summer, upon learning that I’m a musician, the woman at the Immigration and Absorption Office put me in touch with the Committee of Professional Musicians (all so un-American sounding, right??).

A few months later, I’m invited to an audition!

I show in up Netanya, a beautiful beach city about thirty minutes north of us, with my electric piano and guitar. When my name is called, I get on stage, introduce myself, and perform two songs for the committee.

After the audition, the woman in charge asks, “Do you have any questions?”

“Only one: What am I auditioning for?”

Everyone in the room breaks out in laughter.

“Money!” she says.

Soooo, I received two grants from the government of Israel! The first was deposited straight into my bank account and the second was a reimbursement for this gorgeous new mic!

I love living in a country where my talents are valued and where the government itself has told me (with its wallet!) that it is investing in me and the contributions that I have and will continue to make to am yisrael, the Jewish people.

Happy birthday, Israel!

Julie Geller
Musician I Artist Coach | Joy Spreader
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