FoCoMX is a two-day music festival that celebrates live music in Northern Colorado. The music festival features a diverse lineup of 300 Colorado artists, including all genres, at nearly 30 Downtown Fort Collins venues!

After a two-year hiatus, we are back! This two-day music experience is over 12 years old and is a cherished community tradition. By attending, you are not only having fun seeing live music and discovering new bands, but you are also helping support our local musicians. The majority of every FoCoMX wristband sold is paid directly to the musicians who perform at the festival.
FoCoMX is presented by FoCoMA (Fort Collins Musicians Association), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Northern Colorado that provides education, support, and networking opportunities for the Northern Colorado Music community. The festival’s goals are to create a sustainable and deep-rooted infrastructure that supports Northern Colorado music—encourage businesses to open up their space to local music, and grow a sense of community within our musical family. We do this by fostering new artists and supporting established musicians while raising artists’ self-worth and national awareness of the Northern Colorado music scene.

Buy tickets here: https://tickets.focomx.org/e/focomx2022

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