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The Brothers: John Brown, Clint Thompson, Chris Harrison, John Paul Riger

Laurie Dameron writes: Hi! I hope this finds everyone well! I recently was having a down day as I was sitting on my porch. I was trying SO hard to switch my focus of feeling depression about all that’s happening in our crazy world. I had recently hooked up with an old friend from 1992 by email and she called me out of the blue. Her call was SO what I needed!

I think I’ve shared with you a few months ago that I had to let myself grieve the loss of my 30 year day job of entertaining seniors. It felt like I lost my “purpose” of making folks happy in nursing homes.

My friends call sparked my new purpose. She said she’d watched the entire hour of my recently recorded version of Spaceship Earth and how it so inspired her and her husband! THAT is what I live for! And THAT is my new purpose…to spread the zero waste message as far and wide as possible. With Spaceship Earth now recorded and the ability to share it virtually – I hope I can broaden my reach!

Here is what my friend, Toria, wrote to me the next day and said I can use as a review:

“I recently talked to my good friend Laurie Dameron and learned about her Spaceship Earth project and video. I was intrigued because I have been a big fan of Buckminster Fuller, mainly due to his sustainable designs, for most of my life. I believe in the concept that we only have one earth and need to take care of it.

I started watching the Spaceship Earth video and had to stop frequently to take in information and follow up on the resources and referrals Laurie shared in her video. Before I watched this film, I thought I was doing my best to take care of the earth and recycle. After watching the film, I realized my family and I needed to step up our game on conservation and living in integrity with the earth and all the beings on the planet. My husband and I watched the movie, Dark Waters, which Laurie recommends in the movie. Afterwards, we went out and changed (and will recycle) all our pans. We actually had non-stick pans from pre-2013! We researched and purchased some more stainless steel pans and felt like we struck gold finding Lodge cast iron pans as well.

I really appreciate how Laurie shows what the impacts of each of our decisions are on the planet and to the animals in particular. I also love how she suggests that we ask ourselves, “What can I do?” That question has not left my mind since the end of the movie. I can’t say enough about Laurie’s beautiful voice and music and photography she shares in the film. This film literally engaged all my senses except smell and physical touch. It touched my heart and mind though. My priorities were transformed more than I thought they would be before watching the film all the way through.

Today after watching the film, I not only care about recycling but think about what I am doing with each object I purchase. My husband and I have started rejecting offers of plastic bags at take out restaurants. We’re looking at how we can reuse items or repair them as per the video. My husband also had the opportunity to investigate helping his employer’s sustainability work. He’s donating time to that department and excited to see what they can do to make a difference. I’ll continue to share links of the video and the Spaceship Earth project whenever I can.

Thank you, Laurie, for all you do and for sharing your video, Spaceship Earth with me. I really hope you continue your excellent, important work and can reach the kids every chance you get. Look forward to talking again.”


Please watch for my “Green News” in a couple of weeks as I will share this again along with an important “Green News” and links to the presentation.

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Stay well!!! Enjoy life, help others, and learn!



Laurie Dameron

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Update on COMBO Member Rebecca Folsom – New Single, Sanctuary, Out

I wanted to send you a link for Rebecca Folsom’s new single, Sanctuary:

Or you can download the song for free at

Rebecca Folsom is an award-winning singer/songwriter with a four octave range, a courageous heart and a deep commitment to transformation. Sanctuary is her latest project, born from her vision of a collection of songs that serve as a beacon of compassion and hope for audiences. The album speaks to the need for sacred healing and inner spaces of sanctuary, and points towards inspired transformative action.

Sanctuary is 12 powerful songs – ranging from anthemic to quietly reflective – addressing some of the biggest social issues of our time. The songs are the result of workshops Rebecca has facilitated with various groups including refugees and prisoners as well as conversations and collaborations she has had with spiritual teachers, community and thought leaders and activists. She collaborated with these individuals to ensure that her words resonate with their experience, so as to give a voice to the people who are the real stories behind these issues. Rebecca’s goal is that Sanctuary becomes a tool for transformation – that the music opens minds and hearts, inspires action and gifts uplifting insight and understanding.

No Depression magazine called Rebecca’s and Sanctuary’s debut at the Folk Alliance International Conference of “I am The Power of Love “..a stirring performance.”

“Every wall that we break down, every hand that reaches out, everywhere that love is found, we’re building a new dream” –Sanctuary

All the best,

Terri Stewart
Stewart Management & Booking
PO Box 27581
Denver, CO 80227


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Jarrod Headley’s Recording Studio is Now “North Park Studios”!

To whom it may concern,
There was an article written about me (Jarrod Headley) and my Studio “Clear Sound Studios.” Just wanted to give you a quick update. The name of the studio has been changed to North Park Studios. We’re in Colorado Springs — give us a look!

Thanks so much!

~ Jarrod Headley
(Chief Producer/Engineer)

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Brendan McKinney Starts New Songwriting Project – “Six Guns of Production”

Can you check out this project? The links below lay it all out. It’s a good songwriting project here in Colorado. Below are links to the “Six Guns of Production” project, some press and radio interview. Hope you enjoy it!


Brendan McKinney and the 99 Brown Dogs

Brendan McKinney(Brendan McKinney and The 99 Brown Dogs), Eagle, Colorado based singer/ songwriter and performer has created a new co-operative original music project amidst the Covid-19 outbreak called Six Guns of Production. McKinney is drawing on the musically rich talent of the Vail Valley and beyond.

McKinney was playing 7 to 8 live shows a week in the Vail Valley when the plug was pulled around March 14th, 2020. “I missed performing almost immediately and I initially thought that there were only limited ways to respond to the shutdown,” says McKinney.

McKinney gave it some more thought. In addition to doing live streams on Facebook, one of McKinney’s responses to the situation was to reach out to other musicians with an idea for a “socially distanced” recording project.

“Writing and recording originals is a big part of what I do,” says McKinney, “and with the help of musicians here in the valley I’ve been trying to keep those plates spinning.”

In addition to regularly performing live, McKinney, who has made his living through music for close to 30 years now, was recording regularly with Joe Bianchi at Mintown Studios, and with Scott Rednor in his studio, Rock House, when social distancing took hold. Both studios are located in the Vail Valley.

McKinney is coordinating his efforts with Rednor and Bianchi, on the Six Guns project, as well as, with local VailValley performers Dave Tucker and Johnny Schleper.


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Silver Wave Records’ James Marienthal, Has New Album, “Speak to the Sky”, Out

Silver Wave Records is excited to announce the forthcoming release of “Speak to the Sky” by its owner and founder, recording artist James Marienthal. Available on CD and all digital platforms September 25, 2020.

Speak to the Sky features all original compositions, inspired by Marienthal’s explorations playing music in nature, along with deep listening, and tuning in to divine resonance. It is a prayer from the heart, spoken in musical tongues through flutes, voice, strings and bells. The stirring sounds of Native American flute prevail on this recording, enhanced by ethereal vocal harmonies and various string instruments, with poignant surprises that captivate the imagination.

Three of the tracks on “Speak to the Sky” were recorded at The Tank Center for Sonic Arts, the same uniquely reverberant sound chamber where Marienthal recorded his first album “Mysteries of the Night, Alive Inside The Tank” in 2018. A skilled improvisor, this time he dives into a deep solo conversation while The Tank offers back its beautiful reflections of long reverberating flute tones overlapping with bells and other creative sounds made with breath and percussion.

These tracks combine perfectly with the rest of the album’s studio tracks, three of which feature stunning vocal accompaniment by talented singer Arwen Ek, and the deeply reverent title track with Grammy winning producer Tom Wasinger playing lap steel guitar. A lovely spacious solo piano piece rounds out this diverse collection of peaceful contemplative music.

James Marienthal studied music and jazz improvisation at Bard College and Naropa University. He plays various indigenous flutes, silver flute, piano, and percussion. His previous album “Mysteries of the Night, Alive Inside The Tank” was named the #1 Healing Arts Music album of 2018 (LB Productions), and was a top 10 world-wide new age radio hit (Zone Music Reporter). His music has been described as “like jamming with God… intoxicating and mesmerizing” (Buzz Music Report), and was acclaimed by The World Flute Society as “Extraordinary music… ethereal, spiritual, meditative, and absolutely amazing”

Silver Wave Records been releasing innovative music to the world since 1986. They were pioneers in the growth of both New Age Music and Contemporary Native American Music, and its catalog has 5 Grammy winning recordings out of 10 nominations, and a plethora of INDIE Awards, Native American Music Awards, and many more.

For more information contact:
James Marienthal at Silver Wave Records: jamesm@silverwave.com, 303.257.8924
Distribution: A-Train Entertainment, Oakland, CA, 510-893-4705, bob@a-train.com

James Marienthal <jamesm@silverwave.com>

Thanks for helping spread the word and all you do for Colorado musicians.



James Marienthal
President and Recording Artist
Silver Wave Records, Inc.
Boulder, CO USA

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Just a short note to let you know about our new quartet, “The Brothers,” featuring John Brown of Grand Junction (bass), Clint Thompson of Silt (drums), Chris Harrison of Glenwood Springs (sax) and John Paul Riger from Somerset (keys). Our next gig is a two nighter at the Pumpkin Jazz Festival in a line up with some other really fabulous bands!


We WILL get through this and music will lead the way! Thank you for all your support! We really do appreciate it!

John Paul Riger

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Mountain City Music Sends Update

Everywhere we look nowadays we see gold! Oh, the beautiful Colorado Aspen trees, the sunsets, the fields of the Front Range…What perfect reminders of our latest song release, You’re My Gold!

Give “You’re My Gold” a listen on any of these streaming platforms as you enjoy the beauty of this season:


In case you missed the background to this song-it began the beginning of 2019. (Was there actually a year before this crazy 2020?!) I (Tara) was beginning a time of personal reflection and transformation. It was not easy but it was necessary for my
growth and maturity.

I awoke one morning with this idea that I wanted to seek after God, my husband, my children, and personal revival like someone seeks after treasure. I even went back and read history about what it was like searching for gold during the Gold Rush in the 1800’s. It was not an easy task and some people lost their lives in the search but when you struck gold, it was most definitely worth it.

I am a very visual person and as I was writing lyrics for this song I wanted to bring attention to places and things that were the actual color of gold: ie.
honey, sunflowers, a wheat field and also things that were like “gold” to me personally: ie.
hopefulness, the joy of being truly known, pure reflection.

Honestly, I hope this song meets you where you might be in your own life and I hope it stirs up a hope in you to seek after life, dreams and your own personal relationships, even when it is so difficult.

We’d love to hear your story and how You’re My Gold stirs you too!


Tara & Dave Powers

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