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Deadly Alliance | Jade Linin is on the left, Ayekoo to the right.

Found in the Heart of Denver, Colorado, in 2018 through their love of music, Jade Linin and Ayekoo are finally stepping out of their comfort zones and taking a risk. Together they made a promise to get out of the hot boxed state and into the world of music, forming the Deadly Alliance.

First, we have Ayekoo. She is the heart of the group. With her melodic voice and rapping skills, she is a force to be reckoned with. She has done many solo projects and videos, including features from other artists in the city. Her penmanship is key to writing catchy hooks and verses. As the main vocalist, main rapper, and dancer she carries DA with strength and gratitude. When Ayekoo gets in her groove, you will too.

Secondly, we have Jade Linin – he is the brain of the group. With his dope fashion taste and heavy rapping skills, he is in it for the long haul. Linin has dreams of being more than an artist or celebrity, but an IDOL. With Ayekoo by his side, he knows nothing is impossible. As the lead rapper, sub vocalist, and dancer, Linin’s visuals help bring ideas to life with a swag no-one but DA can acquire. Guarantee heads will turn when DA enters the room. As a whole, DA wants to make music that uplifts their fans and encourages them to do better and be greater.

From hard core Hip-hop to tackling Dance Hall to experimenting with Pop, there is nothing getting in the way of the DEADLY ALLIANCE.

You can find Deadly Alliance’s music here:

Apple Music

Music video – ice cream sweats

Website coming soon!

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