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‘Sacred Breath’ by Mad Dog Friedman

Just released an album of solo Theremini & electronic kalimba improvisations that represents my impressions from the first two weeks of lockdown in Colorado. It is called VIRAL and you can listen for free on Spotify at

I also made a video of a track off this CD, called “Army Ants,” which depicts my first trip to the grocery store during lock down. It is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ey2feE-4p_k

Like that trip to the store, it is a little disturbing, so please check some of the more peaceful tracks, like “Grateful for Home” & “Yoga”if you would rather not experience the more disturbing one.

I made this latest addition to my Fine Art Mandala project with a focus on helping folks suffering from common issues related to COVID. I have even made a YouTube of this piece, “Sacred Breath,” that embeds the synergistic original musical pairing, making it super easy to use this piece. The video is at https://youtu.be/mRZgxCFhAj4. You find out more about all my Visual Mantras at http://fineartmandalas.com/.

The Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art created with specific healing intent. This artwork shares a circle within a square format and is designed to allow your eyes to wander but always draws them back to center, much the same way that a mantra does in meditation. Sacred geometry and numerological elements as well as color, symmetry and repetition are used to “tune” each painting to promote balance in specific energy fields in the human body and associated organs and tissues. Subtle interplay of these elements creates a different experience for every viewer, and each viewer can experience something new every time they interact with the artwork. Please enjoy our original music as you work with each Visual Manta. You may listen up to three times for free (without any advertisements) from the text link under each image (which will take you to our BandCamp site.) You may also use the Spotify player to listen to a quick sample of the music and then log into Spotify for free unlimited listening.

Healing intent: Grief, sorrow and loss.

Body connections: Lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.

Musical pairing: “Breathe” from Breathe.

Please note: If you are experiencing shortness of breath or a tightness in your chest please seek medical help immediately, (especially if COVID 19 exposure is possible.)

Mad Dog Friedman

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