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Fifty Dollar Friend with Doug Moe, Felix Abram, Guido Valeri, Steven Ray Fitzgerald.and Joel Ashmore (from Joel’s Facebook page)

In Black and White 2020 – $50FRIEND | Denver’s got something new and special to showcase: $50FRIEND. They have debuted their new work, titled In Black and White, available on all streaming platforms. Their funk rock hip-hop music can be described as a nod to the past with a glimpse into the future.

The new EP features 7 songs, all recorded here in Denver at Sleeping Brotherhood Studios with the amazing Kyle Jones at the helm. It’s an original body of work created from 2016 to 2020 on Capitol Hill.

The EP features Felix Abram (vocals), Joel Ashmore (bass), Doug Moe (guitar), Guido Valeri (keys), and Steve Fitzgerald (drums). They really have something worth checking out. Fresh out of the gates the EP has gained some immediate recognition from local aficionados like being picked upon release for the Colorado Sound Playlist 105.5 and is being featured now!

You will enjoy the old school vibe, sans pre-recorded loops or autotune. Thanks everyone for the love!!.

Contact Joel at joelashmore66@gmail.com to make arrangements to get your copy or to find out how to download it from the net!

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COMBO Member Enzi Puts Out New Single ‘Retrograde’

I was roaming around some audio sample websites when I found a voice mail of a guy asking someone, “When the hell does Mercury get out of retrograde because this is driving me batshit?”

I thought it was hilarious and I started thinking about what it meant when Mercury goes into retrograde. I’m not an astrology expert, but the belief is retrograde throws everyone out of whack and makes people really impulsive and prone to mistakes.

So, I thought, what is universally spontaneous and unhealthy? Texting your ex. Generally, that’s a pretty big no-no, and you know your friends will tell you “Dude, don’t you do it!” Of course, we can’t always help but think of someone we probably shouldn’t be with in a romantic way. I thought it would be fun to capture that in a song, and then blame it all on Mercury being in retrograde.

I hope you enjoy my new single, “Retrograde”, out today on all streaming services!


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