Val Kilmer just can’t win when it comes to his waistline. The 54-year-old actor was photographed shopping at a Levi’s store in Malibu, California, on Monday. While he may have been picking up holiday gifts, it’s also possible he was shopping for himself. Appearing significantly slimmer, the button-down shirt and pants he was wearing were swimming on his slender figure.

The sighting of skinny Kilmer has spawned many weight-loss related headlines, including those critiquing his “dramatically shrinking frame” and describing him as “gaunt.” It’s the opposite from what we saw back in 2007 when, after putting on weight, newspapers and bloggers talked about his transformation “from Batman to fatman.” (Yes, that was a real headline.)

Kilmer’s slim down hasn’t happened overnight. The actor known for playing hunky Iceman in Top Gun and Jim Morrison in The Doors first showed signs of slimage in December 2012, but it was this past September when people really started taking notice. At the time, TMZ reported that his body overhaul could be credited to “walking his a– off” and a clean diet. “There was no personal chef or magic diet pill … just healthy eating and exercise, especially long walks on the beach by his home in Malibu … which doesn’t suck,” the site reported.

Kilmer’s also hard at work. He’s Mark Twain in the upcoming Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn flick, which comes out in April. He also has a role in Terrence Malick’s untitled film about the music scene in Austin.

And, if he wanted to, we bet he could totally rock his Morrison leather pants from The Doors again.

By Suzy Byrne

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