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Singers: Keep your most valuable instrument healthy for your next performance.

Just like other musicians keep their instruments of expertise tuned-up and in good shape, singers also need to make sure that their instrument of expertise– their voice, is in tune and in good shape as well.

Every singer knows they should never strain or misuse their voice, but that isn’t the only thing they need to do in order to keep their vocal chords healthy. Here are a few more things that singers need to do in order to ensure a pitch perfect performance.

First, stay hydrated. If you have ever performed, you know how quickly your throat can dry out once you get going so always keep a room-temperature bottle of water close to you so that you can take sips between songs. Be sure that it is room-temperature though as cold water can cause your vocal chords to tense up and alter the sound of your voice.

Second, just say no to caffeine and alcohol. Another thing that will help keep your throat hydrated is staying away from caffeine and alcohol at least a day or two before you sing. This not only affects the sound of your voice, but also your technique as you are likely to strain your vocal chords to make up for the lack of sound quality in your voice.

Third, stay away from smoke. Whether or not you’re a smoker, staying away from second-hand smoke is key to the health of your voice especially right before a performance.

Fourth, get sleep. This seems like a no-brainer, however some singers don’t take it as seriously as they should. Getting adequate sleep will allow your vocal chords enough time to rest and be in great shape for a performance.

Fifth, watch your diet. Stay away from dairy, chocolate and peanut butter the day of a performance. Keeping these foods out of your diet the day of a performance or even the day before will prevent mucous build up, which will help with the clarity of your voice.

These are five simple steps that will help your vocal performance soar and keep you focused on your overall performance so rock on, rock stars!




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