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Photo: Omarion (from Google.com) | By Judy Kurtz, The Hill | Singer Omarion is no omicron — clarifying in a tongue-in-cheek series of videos that he’s an “artist, not a variant.” “Please be aware if you just so happen to run into me on the street, you don’t have to isolate for five days,” the “Touch” performer and former B2K member told fans in a TikTok video posted Saturday.

“Nor do you have to have a negative test result in order to dance to my music,” he said to his more than 325,000 followers in the message poking fun at his stage name, which sounds strikingly similar to the COVID-19 variant that’s sweeping the country.

In one of the videos, which appeared on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” the 37-year-old music star, born Omari Grandberry, quipped, “I know there has been a lot of confusion online recently, so my lawyers asked me to read this.”

“I, Omarion, am a musician and an entertainer,” he said, reciting from a piece of paper. “Not a variant.”

“The last time I had to do this was in 2000, when everyone confused Y2K with B2K. That ain’t how it’s supposed to be,” he adds, before wishing viewers a happy 2022.

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