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We all like to listen to music and especially those songs we grew up with. But those songs we reminisce to are originals of the musicians that created them. Patrick-Dune And-The DesertHearts are not your everyday cover band. They are an original rock band from Colorado with a very creative award winning songwriter, and are all extremely talented musicians with successful diverse musical backgrounds that have formed a unique sound that sets them apart from other bands. Come out and support our local talent and open your ears, minds and hearts to new music. This is their last show before heading into the studio to record their long anticipated new record. They have been nominated for 2 awards at Denver Rock Awards in September and hopefully will be walking away with both! They will also be performing their hit single from their CD Middle Ground, “Thrill of The Ride” at the Rock Awards. So again, come out and support this talented band on August 5th , 2016 at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO as they pave their way to success one great show at a time.

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