The incognito Jerry Greene and Alison Langley of the Mosquito Drones.

The incognito Jerry Greene and Alison Langley of the Mosquito Drones.

Former members of Boulder psychedelic folk band Cowgirl Radio, Jerry Greene and Allison Langley, have a new dream-pop project going. Their working title band name is Mosquito Drones, which has been #1 Ambient band from Boulder on Reverbnation for most of the last year.

Mosquito Drones will debut their new sound opening for Kronen at the Fox Theater on The Hill in Boulder, Saturday, August 13th.

Discount tickets are available from the Drones –

Allison plays synth and sings, Jerry on guitar with some loop/delay poetry vocal accents. Joining them to run chillstep beats is Boulder EDM producer SynthDef.

The combo of live synth, live beats, and psychedelic ambient lead guitar brush strokes can most closely be compared to M83, Fever Ray, the XX, Phantogram, Beach House, and Crystal Castles. Expect deep stereo synth sounds, and down-tempo chillstep beats, at times building to in-your- face EDM beats with Jimi Hendrix style guitar, all driven by the dreamy Mazzy Star-ish vocals of Allison Langley.

“In Boulder anyway”, says Greene, “there are folk, bluegrass, and jam/funk bands, and then some guy pushing buttons on his Mac. What we are going for is something in between – live singer, live guitar, live keyboards, but approaching the sonic depth of remix artists like Illenium and Sound Remedy – like what you would hear on Youtube channel Mr. Suicide Sheep. Of course there are bands like that nationally and internationally, but seems to be the missing link in Boulder and/or Colorado.”

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