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Ean T. Tafoya | By Desiree Mathurin, Denverite | [Ean was a guest speaker at a COMBO meeting back in 2020 – before the world collapsed] The Denver mayoral race has a new candidate to add to its list. Health and environmental activist Ean Thomas Tafoya announced Thursday that he’ll be running for mayor in 2023.

“I’ve been in public service for over 20 years,” Tafoya said. “I’ve been on dozens of community boards and worked on more than a dozen successful ballot initiatives. It’s a huge opportunity that we have in 2023, in particular with the fair elections fund, to make a real difference in the way we lead the city.”

Tafoya is a fourth generation Denverite who grew up in the Barnum and Cole neighborhoods, which are “at the heart of his environmental justice work.”

Tafoya founded Headwaters Protectors, which provides water and trash services to people experiencing homelessness. He’s currently the co-chair of the Colorado Environmental Justice Action Taskforce and the state director of GreenLatinos, a national nonprofit that addresses environmental injustices that affect Latinos.

Through his environmental work, Tafoya worked on the Denver Green Roof Initiative and is currently spearheading the “Waste No More” ballot initiative, which would require all businesses such as housing complexes, restaurants, hospitals and hotels to provide compost and recycling pickup services. State law currently prohibits the city from collecting compost and recycling at large apartment buildings and commercial properties. Construction companies would also be required to dispose of materials in a more environmentally-friendly way.

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