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Photo: Meghan Trainor at the DSE | Hello DSE Family! We’re excited to let you know that early bird registration is officially open for DSE Broomfield 2024! Register before Monday, July 22 to get the early bird rate! The Expo will be held October 3rd thru the 5th at the Omni Interlocken Hotel & Resort in Broomfield, CO.

Also, one-on-one listening sessions are limited to 18 total slots, so these will go quickly.

How to Register:
Step 1. Check out the Registration Info section on our website to view the schedule of events and special guests.

Step 2. Register and pay for the main event and/or showcase submissions. You can pay by PayPal right on the site for those. Call Jim if you’re paying by credit card and/or if you’re paying for one-on-ones.

Step 3. Then give Jim a call at 970-946-9521 to discuss and register for your listening sessions. This is the most important step of all: it’s imperative we get you in listening sessions & only Jim can enter you into those. Each attendee gets 3 listening sessions in which they get their music heard.

Step 4. Let Jim know if you’re interested in one-on-one listening sessions. (Note that these are best suited to artists/writers.)

Step 5. Book a room at the hotel, The Omni Interlocken. This is a special discounted rate available only to Expo attendees! The link is right here, and available for booking now.

Registration is limited to 200 attendees, so it’s best to register as quickly as possible.

3:00PM – 7:30PM Registration/Sign-in
5:00PM – 7:15 PM Dinner (on your own), Happy Hour
6:30PM Open Mic Sign-up – BALLROOM
6:45PM – 7:30PM Orientation – BALLROOM
7:30PM Songwriter Showcase #1 – BALLROOM
9:30PM Open Mic – BALLROOM


9:00AM – 11:00AM // SONG LISTENING
Country/Folk/Americana – Bobby Rymer
Country/Folk/Americana – Jeff Skaggs, Steve Garvan
Pop/Rock/Sync – Adam Epstein, Emily Weinstein
Pop/Rock/Sync – Peter Buck, Lava Hong
Pop/Rock/Sync – Richard Harris, Hope Hutchings
Pop/Rock/Sync – Max Hirsh, Brittany Whyte
Pop/Rock/Sync – Cliff Downs, Bonny Dolan

11:10AM -12:30PM
Durango Allstars: Stories and Tunes from Durango’s finest – BALLROOM

One on One Sessions 15 minute one-on-one sessions with Jeff Skaggs (Country/Americana), Max Hirsh (Pop), Gabi Kochlani (Pop)

12:30PM – 1:30 PM // LUNCH (on your own)

1:35PM – 3:00 PM
Songwriting Workshop – TBA – BALLROOM

Country/Folk/Americana – Butch Baker, Jeff Skaggs
Country/Folk/Americana – Courtney Allen, Warren Sellers
Pop/Rock/Sync – Kenny Ryu, Candace Meade
Pop/Rock/Sync – Sarah Stickle, Samantha Hayflich
Pop/Rock/Sync – Christina Chung, Jennie Armon
Pop/Rock/Sync – Sam Boot, Eric Hurt, David Fisher
Pop/Rock/Sync – Jake Sternberg, Adele Ho

5:20 PM -7:15 PM DINNER/HAPPY HOUR (on your own)

7:00 PM Open Mic sign-up BALLROOM


9:30 PM Open Mic – BALLROOM



10:00AM – 11:20 AM // PANEL DISCUSSION – “Music For Sync”
Emily Weinstein, Jennie Armon, Bonny Dolan, David Fisher, Samantha Hayflich, Hope Hutchings, Candace Meade, Brittany Whyte, Lava Hong, Adele Ho, Cheryl Wang (moderated by Nitanee Paris)

One On One sessions: 15 minute one-on-one sessions with Jeff Skaggs (Country/Americana), Max Hirsh (Pop), Gabi Kochlani (Pop)

11:30AM – 12:30PM // LUNCH (on your own)

12:30PM – 2:35PM // SONG LISTENING
Country/Folk/Americana – Butch Baker, Cliff Downs
Country/Folk/Americana – Peter Buck, Warren Sellers
Pop/Rock/Sync – Gabi Kochlani, Cheryl Wang
Pop/Rock/Sync – Adam Epstein, Adele Ho
Pop/Rock/Sync – Max Hirsh, Hope Hutchings
Pop/Rock/Sync – Christina Chung, Brittany Whyte
Pop/Rock/Sync – Sarah Stickle, David Fisher


Adam Epstein, Butch Baker, Courtney Allen, Bobby Rymer, Cliff Downs, Sam Boot, Christina Chung, Eric Hurt

2. DIY
Steve Garvan, Sarah Stickle, Celia Rose, TBA

Country/Folk/Americana – Eric Hurt, Adam Zelkind
Country/Folk/Americana – Courtney Allen, Bobby Rymer
Pop/Rock/Sync – Kenny Ryu, Jennie Armon
Pop/Rock/Sync – Richard Harris, Candace Meade
Pop/Rock/Sync – Jake Sternberg, Emily Weinstein, Celia Rose
Pop/Rock/Sync – Sam Boot, Samantha Hayflich, Bonny Dolan
Pop/Rock/Sync – Lava Hong, Cheryl Wang

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM DINNER/HAPPY HOUR (on your own)


Broomfield 2024 – Special Guests (Meet these people IN PERSON at the DSE!)
Courtney Allen, Nashville: Senior Director A&R, Concord Music Publishing
Jennie Armon, Denver: Music Supervisor, Executive Producer, Squeak E Clean
Butch Baker, Nashville: Co-founder, Hori Global Music Publishing
Sam Boot, LA: Creative Manager, Honua Music
Peter Buck, Nashville: A&R, Secret Road Music Services
Christina Chung, LA: Creative Coordinator, Honua Music
Bonny Dolan, Denver: Music Supervisor, Comma Music
Cliff Downs, Nashville: A&R and Publishing, MCD Music Publishing
Adam Epstein, Nashville: Head of A&R, Demolition Music, Nashville
David Fisher, San Francisco: Chief Creative Director, Songs For Film & TV
Steve Garvan, Sand Point, ID: Owner Garvan Management and Consulting
Richard Harris, LA: Demolition Music, producer, writer, Expo alum
Samantha Hayflich, LA: Senior Manager, Creative Music Strategy, Paramount
Max Hirsh, LA: A&R, Studio Manager, Angry Mob Music
Adele Ho, LA: Music Supervisor, Little Spark Music
Lava Hong, LA: Associate Music Supervisor, Trailer Park Group
Eric Hurt, Nashville: VP A&R/Publishing, EMPIRE
Hope Hutchings, NY: Manager, Creative Music Strategy, Paramount
Gabi Kochlani, LA: A&R Executive, Publisher, Founder The Grey Administration
Nitanee Paris, LA: Partner/Director of A&R, Artist Max
Celia Rose, Chicago: Co-founder, What Up Pitches music licensing
Bobby Rymer, Nashville: Owner/General Manager, Writer’s Den Music Publishing
Kenny Ryu, LA: A&R Coordinator, ATG Group
Jeff Skaggs, Nashville: Head of Milk & Honey South (music publishing)
Jake Sternberg, LA: Head of Creative Licensing (also works in publishing), Glassnote Entertainment Group
Sarah Stickle, LA: Management and A&R, Born & Raised Entertainment, Twenty Seven Music Publishing
Warren Sellers, Irvine: Noted Expo alum and staff writer
Cheryl Wang, LA: Independent Music Supervisor, Film and TV
Emily Weinstein, LA: Independent Music Supervisor, ads, Film and TV
Brittany Whyte, LA: Music Supervisor and owner, Whyte Room Music (“Pretty Little Liars”, “The Handmaids Tale”, “Riverdale”)
Adam Zelkind, LA/Santa Barbara: 8-time-award-winning songwriter & producer with thousands of sync placements

We so look forward to seeing everyone again. We appreciate you all being a part of this very special Durango community!

The DSE Team

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