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From Doug Bohm on Facebook: Many of you know me as an admin on Colorado Original Band Community and Colorado Tribute & Cover Band Discussion (Do not post upcoming shows), as well as a few other groups.

Maybe you know me from COClubs, Bands for Lands or The Construct/Revoluciones underground venue/gallery, or even saw my weathering mug at a show once in a while.

I’m also a talent buyer, event promoter & producer with 30+ years in the business. Everything from conscious hip hop, alt-indie-underground, EDM/house, world music, goth/industrial, tribute/cover bands, pretty much everything I’ve brought to the majority of venues on the front range at some point in my life. Been pretty much doing video production for live acts over the last 4 years.

Last week I spent 3-4 days cleaning up the group to make it a great place to come back to and communicate with Colorado Music fans and restore some much needed “community”. I blocked over 1400 fake accounts from the group, and deleted the 2500+ posts that were spamming the group at hundreds per day.

Despite all what those posts claimed, Justin Bieber, Stallone, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie & Simon Cowell are not dead. Amazon is not offering a $45/hr job with free transportation. Nor will that one guy get you high placement on Spotify. Sorry to break it to you.

The majority of these posts are videos, and the reason for this intense onslaught of bots spamming the same video to many of the groups we’re on is because Meta has decided in their infinite wisdom to allow anybody to monetize their content on the platform any way they chose. It’s a free for all. The more the video plays when you scroll the feed, the more money the scammers make. They have written code that auto creates profiles that share the same videos on public groups. I can’t blame them for trying because the whole world is going broke except the billionaires hoarding all the cash and holding all the keys.

I reported several hundred of these to FB over the last few months and FB tells me their posts don’t violate their own policies. This seems extremely unfair to musicians and creatives that rely on FB & IG to monetize our product. Whether it be shows or musical releases. Most of us have been here for over a decade. Instead of leaving for the promise land of TikTok or another upstart platform, I propose we stay here and fight for our collective digital real estate that we’ve all invested in and continue to promote our events here.

I want to explore the options for making this group stand out and be different from all the other Colorado and local music groups. I’ll be posting some polls to dial in the group’s collective desires over time to make the group a more cohesive networking page with your help.

Post your ideas for the direction and policies of this group in the comments for the page.

Thanks! – Doug Bohm

P.S. If I don’t already know you and your act(s), I’d really like to get to know you well. My only ask is you make it easy for people to hear and find you. Every time you comment anywhere in the group or on the thread, put a link to your page, your music, or your next gig.

Always Be Closing, Selling & Promoting yourself.

Group: Colorado Music Community

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