Photo: Good Family | By Justin Criado, Westword | As HQ continues to dry out after a water main break flooded the South Broadway venue on August 15, the local music scene is busy doing everything it can to help co-owners Scott Happel and Peter Ore reopen sooner rather than later.

What: Benefit for HQ Reconstruction
Where: Bar 404, 404 Broadway, Denver (parking on south side)
When: THIS SATURDAY, November 4th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Ages: 21+
Cost: $10 but more will truly be appreciated

With their insurance claim denied, the cost of remodeling the 3,200-square-foot basement space, HQ Underground — including the replacement of a wall that was compromised by the deluge — falls solely on Happel and Ore.

“It is impossible to calculate what the cost of repairs and replacing that which has been destroyed will be,” they shared in a statement last month, which included a line about potentially being closed “for months and months” as the space receives a facelift.

In the meantime, Bar 404, a Broadway sibling, will host a fundraiser on Saturday, November 4, with local bands Clusterfux, Good Family and Ransom Note.

Josh Lent of Clusterfux reveres the HQ venue, which was 3 Kings Tavern for fourteen years before Happel and Ore — also co-owners of the Oriental Theater — took over the space and rebranded it in the summer of 2020.

“HQ is what it is now, but that venue has meant so much to so many people for so many years,” says Lent, also of Chain Reaction Records. “We have to preserve and respect the history of places like this.”
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All proceeds from the benefit show will go toward HQ’s mountain of costs for renovation and reopening, including nearly $100,000 for equipment that was permanently damaged and destroyed in the flood.
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The co-owners originally thought they’d be able to reopen in some capacity by mid-October, but that timeline has been pushed back by at least a month, Happel shared in an update to the fundraiser.

“We had hoped to avoid asking for more help, but now that we have exhausted all other means of aid,” he wrote, “we are humbly coming to you, the community, for some financial help in rebuilding and reopening HQ.”

HQ benefit show, 7 p.m. Saturday, November 4, Bar 404, 404 Broadway. Tickets are $10.
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Read the full article here and do your best to help out:

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Photo: Denver punk group Good Family loves HQ and is happy to play the upcoming benefit show at Bar 404. Photo courtesy Chris Deutsch

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