Out of six competing bands, the all-female group, The Blush Band, won the Battle of the Bands held on Saturday, April 11th at Herman’s Hideaway! All six of the bands’ members were between the ages of 10-18. Some really good musicians showed off their skills, and the singers were absolutely amazing. The scores were extremely close with The Blush Band just edging out the others for the win – but that means that ALL the bands were very good. Watch out you older bands – the new generation of stars is coming!

Another band in the show were “Our Generation” with two female singers who had a really good interaction with the audience – the 4 front people even jumped off the stage for the last number and went into the audience! Made the crowd go wild.

Other bands in the competition were “Landlord” – the only one to perform originals only — the songwriting and instrumentalization were very promising and the songs would be good for movie or television shows; Firegate, whose vocalist had very good diction and the musicians were very strong; and Paramida and Steam Train performed old-school metal covers (Rock is NOT dead!)

The winning band got $500 which they donated to the Women’s Shelter in Castle Rock, CO.

Herman’s is open to all ages during these events so the under 21 musicians gets a chance to play and a place to have someone watch them including their younger siblings.

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Congratulations to the New Board of Directors for the Mile High Blues Society

The Mile High Blues Society recently elected a new Board of Directors. They are as follows:
President – Carla Jordan
Vice President – Jodie Woodward
Secretary – Julie Cummings
Treasurer – Murat Iyigun
Member at Large – Teresa Lynne
Member at Large – Frederick Matzen
Existing Members at Large – Rick Bevan, Mark Brown, Sharon Ewing, Alan Knight, Jack Yoder
Membership Committee Head – Alan Knight
Volunteer Committee Head – Sharon Ewing
Immediate Past President – Rick Davis

The Mile High Blues Society official website has been updated and revised. Please check it out at

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