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58 year-old author Shawn M. Warner always dreamed of writing a book but had no one at his book signing at a local Texas grocery store. A couple of customers in the store wondered what was going on, decided to go back buy a book, and filmed the transaction.

One of those guys, Jerrad Swearenjin, posted the video on Tik-Tok about the problem and the book went to #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list literally overnight!

Now there’s an idea for you songwriters! Make a short video with your song in it! And post it on Tik-Tok (while you can)! Who knows? Someone might really like it!

The book is titled “Leigh Howard And The Ghosts Of Simmons-Pierce Manor,” – your song is titled “(fill in the blank)!”

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TikToker Makes Author a Bestseller Overnight with Viral Video: ‘I’m trying to wrap my head around it’

By Nicholas McEntyre, New York Post

Read the story here:

Order the book here (synopsis sounds like a really fun story. Movie to come?):

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