By Pauline Villegas, Insider | A TikTok shared on Saturday sparked an online debate about appropriate concert etiquette. The video, posted by TikTok user livymadethis showed two concertgoers indulging in an up close and personal dance at Taylor Swift’s show in Arlington, Texas. The singer is scheduled to perform three shows in Arlington from Friday to Sunday.

The video, captioned “dropping it low at Tswift for free,” has over 70,000 views as of Sunday. Users were quick to weigh in the comments section of Pop Crave after the outlet shared the video online Sunday. Many agreed that the duo’s dancing didn’t match Swift’s catalog of music.

“Not the time or place to do that. Also um… I promise you, no Taylor Swift song should require you to do that,” one user tweeted. Another added, “she does not have ONE song where her fans should be dancing like this.”

Others noted that the twerking was potentially “inappropriate” for Swift’s younger audience members, while TikTok users joked that they would have called security if they were in attendance.

Some social media users stood up for the couple, noting that they were filmed without their consent and were “just having a good time,” one user tweeted.

Recently, discussions surrounding concert etiquette have been bubbling up on social media.
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