Join COMBO and special guest speaker music business attorney Dave Ratner of the Creative Law Network, who will talk about all the things you need to have in place in order to make money from your original music including registering with a PRO, MLC, and SoundExchange, having proper documents with all contributors to the album, having split sheets with co-writers, and so on. Monday, October 24th at 7:00 p.m. on ZOOM. This program is a follow-up to last month’s event on the topic of Marketing which was suggested to us at our summer social by COMBO Members Dean McCall and new board member Todd Caron! Great idea, guys! If you have some suggestions and don’t want to “lose that thought”, please send them to info@coloradomusic.org and then join us at the meeting. We’ll discuss your thoughts on the topic.

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About Dave Ratner:
“When I was a band manager, my job was to handle the band’s business so they could focus on making music. Now, I handle our creative clients’ legal concerns so they can focus on being creative.”

It isn’t often that you run into a band manager turned lawyer. But that’s Dave Ratner. During his career in the music and entertainment business as a tour manager, publicist, band manager and founder of his own management agency, Dave learned first-hand the important legal considerations and challenges creative professionals face – whether they’re musicians, painters, poets, app developers, videographers, or any other creative professional.

Dave channeled his passion for music – and all creative arts – into Creative Law Network, a law firm built specifically for creative professionals. And he built a team at Creative Law Network that is passionate about the arts, ensuring creative work is protected, and helping creatives leverage the law to maximize the value of their work.

“Creative professionals have very specific legal and business considerations. As a member of each client’s team, we do all we can to help our clients achieve success. When our clients succeed, we succeed.”

With a portfolio of clients who are not only traditional artists, but also creative individuals and entities, Dave advises both creative and general business clients on all aspects of intellectual property – copyrights, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, trade secrets – and business law. Dave applies his skills to help general business clients execute their plans, negotiate their deals, protect their interests, and achieve their goals.

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Welcome to Creative Law Network, a different kind of law firm.

Our firm is grounded in a sincere passion for helping creative individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of contracts, negotiations, and business law.

We know these challenges well because we faced them ourselves and we use that experience to help our clients achieve and succeed.

Our clients are creative, pioneering, and entrepreneurial, desiring excellent, relationship-based legal services without the stodgy lawyer attitudes.

Creative Law Network: 720-924-6529


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