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Wow. Big Daddy (Dan Willging from KGNU) writes one hell of a review! Although Mad Dog Blues has seen quite a bit of press lately, no one else has really taken the time to get know our music personally and what makes it tick! KUDOs to Dan Willging!! The eclectic, acoustic blues music of Mad Dog Blues seems to taking off around the world, although local DJ’s seem to struggle some with which box to put it in. (Outside the US, it is simply American Roots Music.) I wish there were more Big Daddy’s around who take the time to express their compressive knowledge of roots music in the context of new music and share it for readers around the world. He is a true Colorado treasure! maddog@poetscoop.org

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Listening to a new Mad Dog Blues (MDB) release is never an instant immersion. Give it a
few iterations, and appreciation for this unique contemporary blues quintet slowly seeps through
the most hardened cranium to cast its spell.

With Gratitude, MDB’s second studio album and fifth full-length release, the group’s evolution continues with an even tighter, practically telepathic interplay between guitarists Sean Bennight and Mark Kaczorowski, mandolinist Jeff Becker and harmonica artist Mad Dog. On “Mojo Queen,” the group reaches a transcendental apex that feels like the Grateful Dead jamming away but with a bluesy, jukin’ harmonica. “Hear Me Crying” starts with Mad Dog wheezing back and forth on the harmonica’s low notes, then Kaczorowski follows with a stinging slide while Clark Chanslor keeps it together with a thunking bass throb. Soon, Mad Dog comes in with an ethereal, eerie passage that briefly transports you somewhere beyond reality. ~ by Dan Willging | http://www.coloradocountryblues.com


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