From Annette on Fb, 4/03/22: Big surprise today…my long time friend Dr. LaGanga came to today’s event and I haven’t seen her since…. hmm, a very, very long time. She brought me two copies of her book, “Management Skills for Clinicians: Transitioning to Administration”, along with a very lovely note inside. I am mentioned in her book a few times, as she interviewed me and dedicated my experience and knowledge to part of a couple of chapters, focusing on “Stepping Up to Earn Credentials and Responsibility” and “Fair and Just Culture”. I took some pics from the book, but its funny how it all holds true still today from 7 years ago and today was just the right timing to remind me! Thanks, Linda, for showing up for me today. It was perfect!

Photo: Dr. Linda LaGanga & Dr. Annette Cannon

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