Joel Ashmore (photo by Nite Owl Media) | Joel Ashmore and Dave Brophy have been members of the Colorado Music Business Organization since 2013. They have been selected multiple times as winners of the annual song writing contest for Blowin Sunshine, Come Over, Rosalie, You Are The . . , Truth is Dead, World Gone Cray, Mariposa, and Going to Louziana. They continue writing diligently, file sharing on a weekly basis. Since establishing the band Wild Ass Pony in 1997, Ashmore and Brophy have honed their production skills immensely and performed numerous live shows in NYC, Los Angeles, and Denver.

Currently they are working their way into film and tv most recently writing the title track for “One Hit Wonder” with Amanda Dow, Director, Andie Ximenes of Reychido Productions, Producer, and Jane Petrov, co-producer.

Dave Brophy met Jane Petrov in New York City and they became instant friends and somehow both ended up In L.A. After they reunited, Jane asked if Ashmore and Brophy would like to submit a song for their production of “One Hit Wonder”. They loved the song [that Ashmore and Brophy submitted] and felt it fit the mood and vibe exactly. So far the short sci-fi film has garnered 21 official selections, and 6 best awards (most notably the L.A. Indies for best Sci-Fi Short 2022). It still continues to gain momentum.

Ashmore and Brophy are very grateful to COMBO as well as the One Hit Wonder crew for their continued support. Thank you for your years of support COMBO!! Thank you Reychido Production and Skytown Entertainment.

Ashmore and Brophy are working on a full length album of soundscapes for film and tv called “For Score” and are very excited to keep bringing their magic to enhance film and tv.

Joel says “ We are looking forward to getting more involved with scoring for film and tv and are seeking new opportunities with great excitement and passion. Hit us up for free consult if you need original scoring and we will help bring your specific vision into reality.

Also check out our social media @onehitwonder_themovie

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