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Critically acclaimed Colorado roots/Americana singer-songwriter Rebecca Folsom has released “Mercy,” an intimate and emotional ballad that Folsom wrote about human tragedies she personally experienced with the homeless and homelessness in her own family. The song is from her upcoming 13th studio album, Sanctuary, which is slated to release on March 3rd, 2023.

Rooted in folk and Gospel, and produced by three-time Grammy-winning producer, Tom Wasinger, and six-time Grammy-winning producer, Shaun Martin (Snarky Puppy), the songs from Sanctuary intimately tell universal human stories. Folsom wrote each song with or for marginalized communities, with the intention of bringing to light the vulnerability, compassion and human wisdom that we all share in order to create a better world.

Providing listeners with a multitude of emotions, each of the 13 tracks on Sanctuary possesses a dynamic infusion of truth, humor, hope, and possibility. The title track, “Sanctuary,” is an uplifting anthem that encompasses the message “one world, one people,” and the importance of unification. “New Way Home” carries the same theme and touches on reforming modern day societal structures that have become obsolete due to the inability to benefit society as a whole. Tracks like “Mercy” and “Brothers” have Folsom embodying unique life perspectives to share a robust story on the unhoused population as well as the stigma of incarcerated men, respectively.

Understanding the power of music, the songwriter challenged herself to embrace discomfort while creating this project. Teaming up with fellow songwriter Dee Moore and educator Heather Kawamoto, Folsom’s “Through A Mother’s Eyes” shines a light on those marginalized by race and brings to the forefront the truth and clarity of three women’s stories. The track carries the intention of finding a human bridge for all races through the perspective of a mother’s eyes. In one of her more personal songs, “Only Kindness,” the musician gives listeners a front row seat to her life as she processes her husband’s cancer diagnosis and his near death experience.

While writing songs for her Sanctuary album, Folsom reached out to established organizations representing marginalized communities. These communities include refugees, inmates, the aging, recovering addicts, as well as environmental leaders and people experiencing homelessness. She hosted The Art of Vocal Freedom workshops, guiding participants in the discovery and expression of their unique voices, and then collaborated with the group in the writing of the songs for the album.

Folsom’s dream for Sanctuary is that the music becomes an awakening force and a motivating catalyst that leads to solution-based action that has global impact. She says, “I decided long ago to channel my intensity into the positive power of creativity. I’m not afraid to walk with others through some dark places and face into the shadows of life to free ourselves into a brighter future.”

Westword Magazine describes her songs as having the impact of “little earthquakes.” And KUNC Radio (NPR affiliate in Northern CO) says, “her performances will “knock you to your knees.”

Sanctuary, the new album by Rebecca Folsom, comes out on all musical platforms on Friday, March 3, 2023. Go here to watch her music video, “Mercy”: https://youtu.be/0ue_rZiLcaw

Rebecca’s Album Release Party for Sanctuary is on Feb. 25, 2023 at eTown Hall in Boulder, CO. More info on this later or go to her website at https://www.rebeccafolsom.com

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