By Brian Maass, CBS Colorado | For more than three decades, Joshua Trinidad, 41, has played the trumpet, feeling it has nourished him and saying it is now “part of my DNA.”

Now, his lifelong love affair with the brass instrument is paying off in a different way, as Trinidad, a married father of two, found out last June that he was accepted as a voting member of the Recording Academy and would be voting for Grammy winners.

He [was] in Los Angeles on Sunday for the Grammy Awards and [took] part in the voting process.

“I’m really excited just to be around the energy. It’s something I’ve seen since I was a little kid,” said Trinidad, who was raised in Brighton but now lives in Denver and works for Denver Public Schools in an administrative role.

He has played the trumpet for audiences in Denver and around the world, formed bands and recorded albums and videos.
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[Editor: Good also to see Storm Gloor at the Grammys as well!]

Photo: Joshua Trinidad at the Grammys | From Joshua’s Facebook page

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