Photo: Split screen of Chris Parente & Cody Qualls | Cody Qualls: I was fortunate to have a television interview with the Emmy winning, incomparable Chris Parente, today. We talked community, music, my new holiday EP and about both of our mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s. Chris was also very complimentary about the song I wrote for my mom, recently. Thank you to the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado for setting this all up, and allowing me to be a small part in raising awareness for all affected by this terrible disease.

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Nordic Daughter: We are releasing a new song today that is getting Pitched. Here is the link to the new tune! Hope you love it! ~ Melissa Lycan, Jason Lycan, Tracy Stokes, Johnny Reggie Romero

https://musics.link/ND-Same-Dreams #nordicdaughter #borntobeavalkyrie

P.S. I love this day 12022021 because, as a math teacher and a lover of patterns, it is a palindrome. Also love that word!

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