Photo: Chick Cavallero, Art Ferrari, Al Bricker & David Brandt | Hi, everybody! I want to say goodbye to everyone that gets the Weekly Blues Update. As of July 1, 2022, I am no longer editor nor connected in anyway with The Colorado Blues Society’s Weekly Blues Update. Deborah Stafford will be taking over those duties!

I started this when I was CBS President in 2012 and watched it grow over the years, never missing an issue, never being late. I hope some of you have enjoyed my efforts.

Take care and maybe we will see each other at a future show or festival!

~ ex-editor Chick Cavallero

[You can still find Chick at https://www.facebook.com/charleschick.cavallero]

[P.S., Chick – COMBO has always enjoyed your work! Believe us, we know how much time & effort putting out a weekly newsletter takes. You deserve a huge round of applause (as does your wife) and a million dollars! Well, here’s the HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE – sorry about the million bucks! ~ Barb]

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Announcement From Colorado Blues Society

Your Colorado Blues Society Board has a BIG announcement and request for your appreciation.

Thank You to Chick Cavallero who has worked for the CBS board for years doing a great job managing the Weekly Update. We appreciate Chick and thank him for his excellent work over the years.

We are happy to announce that our Board member Deborah Stafford has volunteered to take over the role of Weekly Update Editor. Deborah’s 1st release will be next week, July 7. Please continue to send your requests to calendar@coblues.org and they will now be routed to Deborah.

We also want to thank board member Lynn Pierce who manages the CBS calendar, and volunteer (previous board member) Jennifer Underwood who is assisting Lynn with the calendar.


Photo: Chick Cavallero, Art Ferrari (GCBS) Al Bricker (GBJ) and David Brandt (BlueStar) at Blues From the Top last weekend.

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