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Diane Morris on Fb 1/12/18: The power of social media is huge. I want everyone to share this post! Tonight I dropped my family off at the Fillmore for a concert. There was a man charging people $30 to park in the Wendy’s lot. I didn’t pay much attention because I didn’t realize [what] I would later find out when I went back to pick them up that a serious Fucked-up crime was happening. I parked in Wendy’s lot to wait for the concert to end and watched Lone Star Towing plucking cars rights out of the lot. The lot people paid for. The man helping the tow truck driver was the same man who was taking people’s money at the beginning of the night. There is a serious scam happening by the Fillmore Auditorium and people need to be aware! I helped a lot of people get their car back [tonight] before more fees were added but this shouldn’t have ever happened. Tow companies are scam artists! Google “Lone Star Towing” and read how they have been caught for this before. They are affiliated with Wyatt’s Towing, also.

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