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Tony Marcus Hermosilla on Fb, 4/25/16: Hey all!! Just to let everyone that has my phone number know I’m offline for a couple days until I get my replacement phone. I performed at The Buffalo Rose this weekend for a benefit concert and my phone was stolen. I had a black IPhone 6s Plus so I guess it’s an expensive phone. The case alone was expensive. I have ALWAYS returned lost phones to lost and found, or the bartender or whatever and I’ve also witnessed people getting their phone back from people returning them. I was really hoping someone honest would turn my phone in but I was not the lucky one this time. To all you thieves out there stealing people’s stuff that was lost –  SHAME – SHAME – SHAME on you! Not cool!!! On a positive note, all the staff and other bands performing at the Buffalo Rose were awesome and the night was an amazing time and a lot of money was raised.

Karl Hobschaidt: Bummer, Tony! If you haven’t done so already make sure your carrier pits the IMEI on the block list – that way – for the most part – the device cannot be used anymore nor can it be activated…

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